The Phoenix Union High School District is one of the oldest schools districts in Arizona dating back to 1895. The first high school in the district contained four classrooms which ninety students. The school district resides in Phoenix Arizona and is now the state's largest high school-only district, serving 27,000 students in sixteen schools and employing nearly 3,000 people. The district includes central Phoenix, south Phoenix and Laveen; a variety of other school districts serve the remaining areas. The Phoenix Union High School District is fed from a total of thirteen elementary schools from all over central and southern Phoenix. Therefore, they are one of the most diverse districts in the state as well. There are over sixty different languages present and more than half of the districts students come from homes where English is not their primary language.

Phoenix Union Education Academy wanted to improve upon their facility by introducing state-of-the-art classroom technology paired with the ability to control it. PUEA wanted to implement various audio and video technologies to reinvent and elevate their processes and learning environments for the faculty and students. The client wanted to integrate a number of displays, audio systems, control systems and digital signage. Immedia’s world-class technology and services were called upon to formulate a plan to achieve PUEA’s goal. The plan consisted of creating solutions that would include outfitting (1) multipurpose room, (1) lobby/waiting area, (1) conference room, (1) principal’s office, (10) traditional classrooms, (3) science classrooms, (1) art classroom, and (1) computer lab with appropriate technologies. Each type of room within the academy was given a unique collection of technology to help support its functionality.

The multipurpose room was outfitted with WIDI USB for wireless connectivity and a single gang wall plate for VGA with audio and laptop inputs. For PEUA to use in conjunction with these inputs Immedia included the following: Extron 6in VGA micro cabale, Etron 6in ultra flexible HDMI, Extron HDMI over Cat5 transmitter set. An NEC 5500 Lumen LCD Projector mounted in a recession nook and shown on a 164” Drager in-ceiling screen communicates with the video source to display content. The audio system comprised of an Extron 200w 70.7v amplifier and nine (9) JBL pendant speakers. This audio system provided even audio distribution throughout the room and gave PEUA the freedom to use a wireless microphone with it. In addition, a Crestron Media Presentation controller was integrated within the room and programmed with an intuitive and simple to use interface that communicated with every facet of the audio/visual system. The highlight of the multipurpose room came from Immedia's creating a digital signage wall comprised of four (4) 70in flat panel displays and two (2) Sharp 60in displays that could stream videos, show presentations, and anything else the client wished to display.

The ten (10) traditional classrooms, art classroom, and three (3) science classrooms differ slightly from the multipurpose room but provide nearly the same functionality. Each of the rooms contains identical control systems and Extron 200w, 70.8v amplifiers as the multipurpose room. These rooms integrate four (4) Listentech in-ceiling speakers and a teacher microphone. In terms of display purposes, each of these classrooms includes a Promethean 65in 1080p LED touchscreen display with a built-in tuner and speakers and a Casio 3500 lumen LCD projector. The Promethean touchscreen was mounted with Premier wall mounts and the projector was mounted with Premier Mount’s security projector mounts and a false ceiling adapter plate. The last few pieces of technology integrated into these classrooms were as follows: one (1) Samsung document camera, one (1) Wi-Di appliance, two (2) single gang wall plates with USB & VGA + audio and HDMI laptop inputs. To make connections between the various devices and displays within the rooms Immedia included an Extron 6’ VGA with an audio micro cable, an Extron 6’ ultra-flexible HDMI cable and an Extron 2-output VGA distribution amplifier.

The remaining rooms (Lobby/Waiting room, Conference Rooms, Principals Office, Computer Lab) were all equipped with the same media sources and configuring as the multipurpose room. However, each of these rooms provides a different display. The Lobby/Waiting room hosts a 65in 1080p ActivPanel Touch LCD display. The conference rooms include a 55in MondoPad LCD display. The principal’s office contains a Sharp 60in LCD display. Lastly, the computer lab holds the same display system as the traditional classrooms. Each display is mounted using Premier wall mounts.

“The highlight of the multipurpose room came from Immedia's creating a digital signage wall comprised of four (4) 70in flat panel displays and two (2) Sharp 60in displays that could stream videos, show presentations, and anything else the client wished to display.”